How To Be Good At Puyo Puyo

How To Be Good At Puyo Puyo
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How To Be Good At Puyo Puyo. In puyo puyo tetris, i have plenty of experience with tetris and how to effectively play.however, my experience with puyo puyo is far more limited, so i'm struggling to get 3 stars in the campaign or win in multiplayer. I would put the player at half speed, then i would try to anticipate where they would place the pieces.

How To Be Good At Puyo Puyo
Puyo Puyo Tetris Review Two classic games meet, and it's from

High level puyo play is depressing/stale (gtr mirrors, anyone?), but puyo is fun up until you reach those heights, and most players won't. Then repeat with that by attaching two more to make three, and then adding a different color in between those three and the 4th puyo. If there is one issue i do have with the sound however is the voice samples.

I Would Put The Player At Half Speed, Then I Would Try To Anticipate Where They Would Place The Pieces.

The best way to counter a puyo player afaik (i play puyo) is simply to attack constently. Try to make a bunch of sets of 3 and keep the 4th puyo separated by a different color. Build a 5 chain with stair stacking!

Just Try To Play Alone At First And Try To Build Basic Structures As Fast As You Can (You Can Find Those Basic Structures On Puyo Nexus Or On Youtube).

Narrating these vexing videos is one of the best puyo puyo tetris players out there. While the main chain is being constructed, fire off harassments (if necessary) to put your opponent in a disadvantageous position by: Then go online and play again and again.

I Understand The Basics Of The Mechanics, But I Need Help With Strategies.

You're looking good for intermediate when. Construct a really big main chain to serve as your ultimate finishing attack. The music is also really good, with songs like theme of puyo puyo, sticker of puyo puyo, and final of puyo puyo to surely get stuck in your head once you stop playing.

High Level Puyo Play Is Depressing/Stale (Gtr Mirrors, Anyone?), But Puyo Is Fun Up Until You Reach Those Heights, And Most Players Won't.

Introduction to competitive puyo puyo; In a high level puyo match, you should. The easiest type of chain to wrap your head around is known as stairs.

Hello, What I Found Helped Me In The Beginning After I Knew Some Patterns Was Watching Lots Of Good Puyo Players On Youtube.

Learning to make big chains takes a lot of practice and pattern recognition. The key areas of improvement for beginners are learning how to stop playing magnet puyo and to start building chains on purpose. In a combo, you must clear 5 lines to send the same amount of garbage as that and on top of that, you must wait for the line clear animation every.

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