How To Help Your Son Stop Smoking Pot

How To Help Your Son Stop Smoking Pot
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How To Help Your Son Stop Smoking Pot. If you want to cut down or stop, it’s helpful to get some structure back into your life first. If a person feels that using marijuana is making his life better, you will have a hard time convincing him (or her) to stop smoking the drug.

How To Help Your Son Stop Smoking Pot
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Seek help from your healthcare provider to deal with the physical symptoms of withdrawal or seek help from a support group like marijuana anonymous to handle the psychological symptoms. Talk to your son about his school stress and how he can cope without the use of marijuana. Keep your cool and they'll listen

Explain How Family Rules May Change (Because Of Their Drug Use) And Reiterate Clearly The Consequences For Further Experimentation.

If they seem to be open and willing to discuss, the first is reaching out to your child. Ultimately, setting limits and rules is what you can control; Do not get swayed by your son's arguments about his friends' parents allowing them to smoke marijuana in the home.

If He Is Doing It To Fit In With His Friends Or Peers, Help Him Find More Positive Role Models With Whom To Associate.

Physical activities like yoga or working out, or finding new hobbies to cope will help. Be responsive to the child’s efforts to correct the behavior, as a punishing attitude alone can jeopardize or damage the emotional bond between parent and child. Prepare for your conversation by thinking about worrisome behaviors or changes.

It's A Good Idea To Stay Busy During The Initial Period After You Quit Smoking Weed.

Use this time to improve yourself positively so it will increase your motivation to quit smoking marijuana. Most people choose to treat themselves to a favorite meal or activity after avoiding. Instead, get rid of them and don’t look back.

If You Have Weed Around, You’re Going To Want To Use It.

Ask your son or daughter to take an easy marijuana addiction self test, to rule out dependence issues. If you want to cut down or stop, it’s helpful to get some structure back into your life first. Set alarms to get up and go to bed at the same times each day.

Ask Your Teen To Think About Why He Or She Wants To Stop Smoking.

Encourage your teen to avoid people, places and activities that he or she links with smoking. Try to eat regular meals and drink plenty of water. Plan activities you can do every day.

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